FIYC / HHC Sailing Rules

  1. If you are a HHC member or a Yacht Club member with a child age 9 or under, a caregiver 14 or older must take the child to the sailing clinic and pick them up promptly at the end of the clinic. Though it is not required, Yacht Club members with children of any age are welcome to stay at Hay Harbor to watch their child during the clinics.
  2. Children must wear life-jackets while sailing and while on the sailing dock at all times.
  3. All prospective sailors must pass a swim check administered by the program.
  4. Medical forms must be properly completed and returned prior to acceptance into the sailing program.
  5. In order to assure the safety of children sailing or rowing, water skiing is permitted after 6:00 pm and is limited to two boats traveling in the same direction at one time. Each boat must carry an observer as well as a driver. All skiers must wear lifejackets. Any member found violating these rules will be subject to suspension. For safety reasons, motorboats entering the sailing area should proceed at slow speed.
  1. Novice I & II level sailors use Prams supplied by the program for their lessons.
  2. Intermediate, Sailing Adventure and West Harbor Racing Optimist sailors can rent a boat for their use. (Please note: If you have a West Harbor Racing Optimist sailor, his or her boat will be at FIYC and not available to share with any siblings who are in Intermediate or Sailing Adventure classes.)
  3. Open BIC and 420 sailors use boats provided by the program.
  4. In order to optimally maintain all the sailing equipment as well as keep the sailing shed tidy, we require individually-owned boats to have all parts labeled properly, including name on stern.
  5. Except during Novice lessons, a sailor is responsible for the damage caused by and to the boat on which he or she is skipper. There are prescribed rules for determining fault in all instances.
  6. All sailors are responsible for the repair and maintenance of their boats.
  7. Sailors using HHC or FIYC boats are responsible for keeping the boat they use in good order and are also responsible for damage to the boat.
Racing and Regattas
  1. Boat Transportation – The sailing program assumes no liability for damage that occurs to a member’s boat while it is being transported to a regatta. Incidental damage repair is the responsibility of the owner.
  2. Class Schedules on Regatta Days – When the West Harbor Racing or 420 classes are attending a regatta, no class is held for those who choose not to attend the event. This does not apply to Intermediate and Sailing Adventure classes, which meet as scheduled.
  3. No lessons are held the day of the annual Fishers Island Optimist Regatta or home regattas.
  4. Regatta Entry Forms – Regatta entry forms distributed by the sailing instructors prior to a regatta must be completed and returned promptly to the instructor.
  5. Regatta Fees – Sailors are responsible for paying the entry fees for regattas in which they participate. For a two-person boat, the entry fee is generally shared by the skipper and crew. If a sailor forgets to bring money for the entry fee, the fee will be paid by the program and billed to the sailor’s HHC or FIYC account.
  6. Regatta Expenses – Any additional expenses incurred by sailors at regattas (i.e. lunch, ferry, private charter if participants arrive in New London after last ferry, land transportation) will be billed to the member directly.
  7. Cancellation Policies for Sailing Regattas – Any questions concerning cancellation of a Regatta due to inclement weather, please call the Hay Harbor Office at (631) 788-7323 or Jonathan Farrar at (305) 720-8572.
  8. Optional races are held on Friday afternoons from 1:15 pm – 3:30 pm at HHC for Intermediate classes and Sailing Adventure.
  9. Optional races are held on Friday afternoons from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm at FIYC for West Harbor Racing and 420 sailing.