Frequently Asked Questions

Is there WiFI at the club?

Yes, check in with the Marina office for the current password.

Since the club is a working club, how do I get involved?

Please contact one of the chairs below to join a committee—working on a committee is a great way to meet new people and give back to the organization—we are always in need of a few extra hands!

What is the code to get into the bathroom?

The code for bathroom is 1886, the year Fishers Island Yacht Club was founded.

What is the code to get into the ice closet?

The code for the bathroom is 1867, the year that the Annex’s original structure was built.

I love being a member of FIYC and have a friend that I would like to propose to be members as well, how do I do that?

Great! You can start my checking out the section on the website titled ‘Sponsoring a Member’. You are also encouraged to reach out to Anne Redd, the Membership Chair, at if you have any questions.

What kinds of Social Activities does the club sponsor?

In addition to our gala events such as Commissioning, Commodore’s Reception, Under the Tent night, and the ‘Round Island Race, we host Commuter Cocktails on Fridays during the summer from 6-8:30 PM. These nights are an opportunity to come down to the club as a family or with friends and use the grill and socialize.

The club maintains a fully-stocked bar and many of the nights have special themes including new yacht christenings, lawn games night, wine tastings, special grill nights as well as our famous Castings & Cocktails meet-ups on Race Point.

We will also continue to throw our hugely successful Columbus Party with a Special OktoberFest Beer extravaganza and Our Thanksgiving Black Friday Cocktails.

Is there a dress code at these events? If so, what is it?

In general, the Yacht Club Commissioning, Commodore’s Reception and Under the Tent Nights are where you will find members wearing blazers and FIYC ties or casual summer cocktail party attire. At other functions, we encourage members to be comfortable and dress according to the weather or the task at hand.

How do I find out about the various events that the club has?

  • Check out the calendar on the website.
  • Watch your email for notifications from FIYC about upcoming events.
  • Stop by the FIYC office and ask the general manager!

How do I get a seasonal slip or mooring for my boat?

Ask the General Manager in the front office.

Does the yacht club provide dockage for visiting guests of members?

Yes, you can reserve on Dockwa or contact the General Manager in the front office.

Can my children be left unsupervised at the yacht club?

Children 12 and under need to be supervised by an adult at all times.
Also, children 12 and under must have a PFD on at all times when they are on the docks.

Is the yacht club available for private events?

Our facilities are available to members and sponsored non-members for private events such as weddings, birthdays and more. Contact Administrator Beth Arsenault at or call (631) 788-7036.

What do I do if there is a problem at the club that needs attention?

Contact the General Manager in the front office or a Board Member.

Does FIYC have a youth/junior sailing program?

Yes, please inquire with the Sailing Master for more information.

Do you need to be a member of the Hay Harbor Club to take sailing lessons?

No, we have a joint venture with the Hay Harbor Club so that we can share each other’s facilities.

How can my child become a junior instructor?

By contacting the Sailing Director.

Do you need to be a competitive racer to participate?

No. All are welcome.

My grandchildren / nieces and nephews / etc. are visiting—can they take sailing lessons too?

Yes, contact the Sailing Director.

Does the club have a Stand-up Paddle Board or Club Dinghy available for club members?

Yes. Please check with the Marina Office.

Does the club offer sailing lessons for adults or private lessons?

Yes, contact the Sailing Director.

Does the club offer U.S.C.G. seamanship certification classes?

No, but the town has a state boaters class offered annually.

How do I contact the Launch?

We monitor VHF channel 10. Call Attentive on 10 or you can call the front desk at (631) 788-7036.
My son/daughter wants to be a launch driver. How do they get that job?
Must be at least 18 and at a minimum must pass the USCG launch operators license class.

Can I go fishing off the FIYC docks?

Yes, providing you fish away from other boats docked and people in the water. No debris should be left on the docks.

Does the club have an environmental or sustainability policy?

Yes, please inquire with the General Manager.