FIYC / HHC Junior Sailing Program

The Fishers Island Yacht Club and the Hay Harbor Club are united in a joint venture dedicated to supporting Fishers Island junior sailing. This unique relationship allows for members of one club to use the facilities of the other club during sailing class, even if they (or their parents) are not members of the other club. Younger students are generally taught at the Hay Harbor club sailing dock, while the older students meet for instruction at the Fishers Island Yacht Club in West Harbor.

FIYC / HHC Sailing Class Overview

This is an overview of the classes that FIYC / HHC are offering this season.

Please call the Hay Harbor Office to schedule a Junior Sailing class. Please note that the provided age ranges are a guide.

Novice: M/W/F 8:00am – 9:45am OR 10:00am – 11:45am

An easy introduction for first- and second-year sailors where the focus is on fun! Sailors will play games, hone skills, and explore Hay Harbor while gaining the confidence to sail solo. Prams and optimists are used with one to two sailors per boat and a junior instructor when possible. Classes meet 3 times per week for one hour and forty-five minutes. Participation will be capped at 10 sailors, minimum age 6. $175 per week.

Intermediate: M/W/F 8:15am – 10:00am

Intermediate continues the fun atmosphere of Novice while teaching boat-handling skills and techniques that develop confidence on the water. Emphasis will be placed on rigging independently, reading harbor conditions and mastery of points of sail. Completion of Novice class or equivalent skills required. Intermediate is taught in Optimists and Open BICs. Students who are interested in continuing with sailing are encouraged to own their own Optimist, but are not required to. Classes meet three times per week for one hour and forty-five minutes, suggested ages 8 to 10. $175 per week.

Advanced: M/W/F 10:15am – 12:00pm

Advanced is for sailors interested in going on adventures, picking up the basics of racing, and having fun with their classmates — all while mastering their boat handling skills. This class will introduce the basics of racing to sailors who are interested in taking their skills to the next level.  Completion of Intermediate class required. Students who are interested in continuing with sailing are encouraged to own their own Optimist, but are not required to. Open Bics will be provided. Classes meet three times per week for one hour and forty-five minutes, suggested ages 9 to 12. $175 per week.

Harbor Blues: M/W/F 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Harbor Blues is designed to accommodate Novice & Intermediate-level sailors who have morning scheduling conflicts. Harbor Blues will explore Hay Harbor using Open BICs, Opti Prams, and our new RS Quest. This class accommodates a variety of levels and focuses on having fun, developing confidence, and forming friendships on the water. Classes will be limited to 14 sailors. Classes meet three times per week for two hours, suggested ages 6 to 10. $200 per week.

West Harbor Racing: M/T/TH 1:00pm – 4:00 pm, Racing F 1:00pm – 4:00pm

For highly advanced sailors ages 13-and-up who have a firm grasp of racing and who are ready for the physical and tactical challenges of a high-performance dinghy. The West Harbor 420 Racing Team sails from FIYC in 420s provided by the program. West Harbor Optimist Racing Team sails their own Optimists. The West Harbor Racing Team attends various regattas hosted by yacht clubs in the area. Class meets four days per week for three hours. $300 per week.

Sailing and Seamanship: T/TH 9:00am – 11:00am

This program is designed for older children and teens who prefer not to be in a racing program but who love being out on the water. For ages 10 and up. No prior sailing experience required. Sailors will learn to sail as crew and skipper in a variety of boats (420s, Lasers, Bullseyes) provided by FIYC. Seamanship skills are also an important component of this class. Class meets two times per week for two hours. $150 per week.


If you have any questions about the classes or what level is right for your junior sailor, please reach out to Sailing Director Jonathan Farrar at or (305) 720-8572.

Clinic Rates
Novice Optimist (5.25 hrs per week)$175.00
Intermediate Optimist (5.25 hrs per week)$175.00
Advanced Optimist (5.25 hrs per week)$175.00
Harbor Blues (6 hrs per week)$200.00
W Harbor Racing (12 hours per week plus regatta coaching)$300.00
Sailing & Seamanship (4 hrs per week)$150.00
2023 Sailing Fees
Private Lesson (1 hr)$60.00
Semi-Private (1 hr) per person$35.00