FIYC Marina Rules

Marina Overview

Fishers Island Yacht Club operates and maintains its Marina facility on West Harbor under a long-term lease from FIDCO. The Club employs an Administrator, Beth Arsenault, to supervise the Marina in season and to drive the Club’s launch, Attentive. The Club’s Marina Committee Chair for 2020 is Stewart Cutler, and all questions regarding the Marina should be directed to the Administrator or the Marina Committee.

Harbor Committee

West Harbor is regulated by the Town of Southold’s Fishers Island Harbor Committee and supervised by the Bay Constables. Please refer to the Harbor Committee rules for details on anchoring, mooring, speed limits, etc. In season, copies of the Harbor Committee rules are available at the Yacht Club and are also available at

Yacht Club Members’ Dock

The Marina Manager maintains an open berth for the temporary use of Yacht Club members. With the permission of the Marina Manager, Yacht Club members may bring their boats alongside the Members’ Dock for washing down, provisioning, maintenance, etc. Boats on the Members’ Dock may not be left unattended, and during busy times skippers are encouraged to be mindful of other members waiting to come alongside. Members requiring extended stays alongside should make arrangements for a transient berth (see below).

Seasonal Slip Rentals

The Fishers Island Yacht Club Marina offers seasonal slip rentals. When the Marina is full, the Marina Committee maintains a waiting list of those interested in renting slips. For more information about seasonal slip rentals, including rates and availability, please contact the Dockmaster or General Manager.

Transient Visitors

The Marina has dock space available for Island visitors. Yacht Club members may reserve space for their guests, on a first-come, first-served basis. All over-night visitors are required to make payment for the full length of their stay upon arrival.

Hay Harbor and Fishers Island Club Visitors

Upon prior arrangement with the Marina Manager, members of athletic teams competing at the Hay Harbor or Fishers Island Clubs may dock at the Marina without charge for short periods of time. In addition, members of the Hay Harbor Club and Fishers Island Club who are not Members of FIYC may make advance
reservations for transient berths with the Marina Manager.

Reciprocity Policy

Reciprocal Clubs:
Shelter Island Yacht club
Stonington Harbor Yacht club
Wadawanuck Yacht club
Watch Hill Yacht club

Members of yacht clubs that have reciprocal privileges with FIYC may dock at the Marina four times per season, without charge, for short periods of time, not to exceed three hours. Space at the dock is severely limited and the Dock Master must give priority to the reservations of overnight transient guests.

Due to limited dock space, FIYC is not able to offer reservations to reciprocal club boats. Available space is allocated on a first come, first served basis.

It is recommended that members of reciprocal yacht clubs who wish to visit the Marina call the FIYC Dock Master informing him of vessel name, length, draft and club affiliation. At this point the Dock Master will offer a view as to the likelihood that dock space will be available at the proposed time of arrival. Such communication will not constitute a reservation.

Skippers intending to exercise their reciprocal privileges must make their yacht club affiliation known at all times by flying their club burgee when loud hailing or addressing FIYC personnel afloat, while approaching the Marina and while secured alongside the Marina.

Promptly after securing her/his vessel the Skipper shall sign in at the Dock Master’s office logging boat name, club, arrival time, Skipper’s name, address and cell phone number so that the Dock Master may contact the Skipper while on Fishers Island, should the need arise.
If the reciprocal yacht overstays the three-hour limit, or fails to register at the Dock Master’s office, no further privileges will be extended to this yacht or Skip- per for the remainder of the season.

Safety and Quiet Enjoyment

The Marina Committee operates the Marina for the benefit of the boating community on Fishers Island.

Members and visitors should exercise good judgment and seamanship when using the marina and are responsible for their own safety and that of any children in their care.

  • Children shall wear lifejackets while on the docks or boats moored at the Marina.
  • There shall be no running on the docks.
  • There shall be no fires or open flames on board any boat while at the Marina.

The Marina Committee reserves the right to ask any visitor to leave the Marina and to discontinue the seasonal tenancy of a member if, in the sole judgment of the Committee, the behavior of the visitor or member is unsafe or otherwise prevents the quiet enjoyment of the Marina by others.

Discharge and Refuse

All boats at the Marina must follow the Harbor Committee rules for waste water discharge and other environmental regulations. The Yacht Club does not provide for holding tank pump-outs or garbage disposal, and no boat garbage may be left at the Club by members, tenants or visitors.

Showers and Heads

Yacht Club members and transient visitors may use the showers and bathrooms
located in the Clubhouse. Please see the Marina Manager for after-hours access.