Covid-19 Update
May/June 2021

In accordance with the latest CDC, NYS, and ICB guidelines, members will not be required to wear a mask on FIYC property or the docks as longs as they are fully vaccinated. Mask will be required indoors for all regardless of vaccination status. Non-vaccinated members and children will be required to wear a mask at all times on Club property. Members who are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 should refrain from using the Club.

Marina visitors and transient boaters are required to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 within three days of their arrival. All non-vaccinated visitors are required to wear a mask at all times.

Thank you,

Stewart Cutler

Covid-19 Update
April/May 2021

The Fishers Island Yacht Club will officially open for the season with the 2021 Commissioning Ceremony on May 29, 2021.

We are working with the Island Community Board (ICB) and the Island Health Project (IHP) on an updated COVID-19 policy for 2021. We will continue to observe and enforce the COVID-19 protocols legally mandated by New York State.

ALL members and guests are required to wear masks while on the property and observe proper social distancing. Consistent adherence to these protocols will ensure your ability to participate in club activities or to maintain docking privileges. We will be posting updates to FIYC’s COVID-19 protocols on this website, so be sure to check back often.

With your cooperation, we can all enjoy a safe and successful summer.

Thank you,

Stewart Cutler

Covid-19 Update
July 17, 2020
In response to the difficult situations that have occurred up to this point, the Board has decided to close the FIYC marina to transient boaters in an abundance of caution amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Exceptions may be made with board and management approval if a member chooses to take responsibility for their guests. From here forward, the Club will focus primarily on services and offerings to our members and seasonal slip holders. It is expected that anyone utilizing the Club has gone through the appropriate IHP and ICB precautionary steps to ensure the safety of all.
Please be advised that:
  • Masks must be worn by everyone on Yacht Club property. You cannot predict who will be on the property or using the docks, so be prepared.
  • Our heads will be closed for the duration of the summer.
  • If you borrow any Club boats, you will be asked to sanitize them in addition to regular cleaning by the staff after each use.
  • The Junior Sailing dock is off-limits, especially during daily lessons scheduled from 1-4 pm Mon-Fri.
  • Launch service will only be given to one cohort/vessel at a time. Please be patient.

Please call the Club if you have any questions 631-788-7036.

Covid-19 Response, Update No. 2 – Club Opening Plans
May 6, 2020

  1. All plans are tentative and all final decisions will be in compliance with local, New York State, and federal regulations. The first priority of the Board of Governors is the safety of our staff, members, and the Island community.
  2. Our marina has been inspected and the necessary repairs of winter storm damage will be complete in the next week or so. Our Board has decided to open the marina for slip contract holders to access their boats on May 15th. Boats can be delivered prior to that date, but care must be used when walking off the docks safely. Payments for slips by the delivery date are required.
  3. We plan to begin staffing the Club starting Saturday, June 6th and will continue on weekends for the month of June. Of course, that schedule will be subject to any NYS restrictions that impact the Club’s operations.
  4. Pursuant to the NYS Executive Order and the Island’s safety protocols, face masks will be required of everyone entering the Club’s property, whether from the marina or the parking lot. Compliance with these requirements is important for the safety of our staff and members.
  5. We will hold our Annual Meeting of the members virtually on Sunday, May 24th, at 1600. You will soon receive formal notice of the meeting from the Club Secretary, Laurie Finan, along with a Zoom link and password, meeting agenda, and proxy. We will hold the Commissioning ceremony on Sunday, June 28th, at 1700. If the restrictions on crowd sizes remain in effect, we will broadcast the Commissioning over Zoom.
  6. The Board has created a new Summer Activity Committee to advise the Board on adopting new opportunities for member and family activities that would be consistent with the Island community’s safety protocols. This Committee has been charged with the task of creatively developing activities at the Club that would give members the opportunity to use the Club’s Bullseyes, 420s, Lasers, and paddleboards in a family-friendly manner. The Committee will also offer activities to take advantage of our extraordinary waterfront location. Family and individual lessons will also be available in a safe manner for those wishing to learn new boating skills.
  7. Unfortunately, the 2020 Bullseye Nationals, which was scheduled to be hosted by the Club in August, has been postponed to August 2021. The Bullseye racing fleet, which is exclusively comprised of family sailors, hopes to conduct very informal races this summer, which will give new family sailors using a Club Bullseye an opportunity to experience the thrill of racing.

If you have any questions about the summer, more information will be available at the May 24th Annual Meeting

John B. Glendon

COVID-19 Response
April 24, 2020

  1. All plans are tentative and all final decisions will be in compliance with New York State and federal regulations. Our first priority is the safety of our staff, members, and the Island community.
  2. On Friday, April 17, 2020, the NYS Executive Order requiring the closure of all marinas for “recreational uses” was modified to permit marinas to open for “personal use as long as strict social distancing and sanitization protocols are followed.” The Yacht Club, however, is not yet in a position to open and will remain closed until further notice. Due to the Island community’s Covid-19 protocols, the Club’s marina docks and the marina electrical and plumbing facilities have not yet been inspected for safety. Winter storm damage must be repaired. Also, the Club’s sanitation facilities have not yet been commissioned.
  3. Once the marina does open, it will do so on a limited basis. Transient boaters will not be accepted.  Only Club members and non-members who have contracts to use reserved slips for the season at the marina will be permitted to use the marina. We expect that these contract holders, all of whom are members of the Island community, will respect the Island’s safety protocols, including the completion of the IHP Covid-19 Census form if entering the Island by boat from the mainland. The Club’s Board of Governors will provide a further update on the marina in May.
  4. The Club will be adding new video surveillance equipment to the marina to enhance our capabilities to ensure compliance with Club’s rules and the safety of the Island community.
  5. The entrance to the Club’s property has been closed with yellow tape, and the Club’s bathrooms and ice-making machine are not functional or accessible. The Club will not open with staff on site until a date to be determined by the Board.

John B. Glendon

Covid-19 Response

April 16, 202

  1. All plans are tentative and all final decisions will be in compliance with New York State and federal regulations. Our first priority is the safety of our staff, members, and the Island community.
  2. The Yacht Club and marina are closed as required by New York State’s executive order. The Club’s docks are not available for access to members’ boats presently docked at the marina. The entrance to the Club’s property has been closed with yellow tape, and the Club’s bathrooms and ice-making machine are not accessible. Members have been instructed not to bring their boats to the marina at this time. A sign will be posted at the end of the dock advising all boaters that the marina is closed.
  3. The Club will not open with staff in the office until a date to be determined by the Board. The opening date will be consistent with all governmental regulations and will include conditions necessary for the protection of our staff, members, and the Island community. Those conditions will be developed following consultation with Dr. Chris Ingram of the Island Health Project.
  4. The Club’s marina will not open until New York State lifts its executive order and the Board has developed appropriate safeguards for the protection of all concerned. The same conditions apply to the Club’s launch services.
  5. The Club’s May 24th Annual Meeting will likely be conducted via Zoom so that our members will have an early opportunity to hear from the Club’s Flag officers and Board of Governors about how the Covid-19 pandemic will impact the Club’s operations this summer.
  6. The Club’s annual Commissioning Party scheduled for May 24th will likely be canceled. A final decision will be made by the Board at a later date. The Club’s other social events and its sailing programs will also be reviewed for any necessary cancellations or modifications.

John B. Glendon